Commonwealth Informatics

geoff-gordonGeoffrey Gordon
President, Founder

Over the past 20 years, Geoff has built a strong track record for successfully commercializing new technologies as co-founder and R&D leader of several small businesses.  Throughout that time, he has remained closely connected to hands-on technology development, focusing in the areas of clinical research informatics and healthcare informatics.  Recently, in addition to co-founding Commonwealth, Geoff has served as the lead software developer for PVDAS (Pharmacovigilance Defense Application System), a data mining and analysis system in production use at the U.S. Army’s Pharmacovigilance Center for gleaning new knowledge from military health system electronic medical records and health insurance claims

david-framDavid Fram
Vice President Research, Co-Founder

David has an extensive background in the conception, development, and support of software products for clinical data management, data visualization, clinical and safety data analysis, and data mining.  Prior to co-founding Commonwealth Informatics, he led the development of Lincoln Technology’s safety data mining activities, and he served as Principal Investigator for Lincoln’s data mining Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Food and Drug Administration; he also served as Principal Investigator for the Department of Defense project that eventually led to the Pharmacovigilance Defense Application System.  Over the years, David played a lead role in the creation of a series of life sciences products that achieved widespread deployment, including the Prophet System for biomedical research, the CLINFO system for clinical research data management and analysis, and the Clintrial system for large-scale clinical trial data management.

catherine-rocchioCatherine Rocchio
Vice President, Co-Founder

Catherine has over 20 years’ experience leading technical support and software quality teams.  Prior to co-founding Commonwealth Informatics, she directed the Quality and Technical Support groups working on SaaS product offerings at Kronos Hiring Systems Division (formerly Deploy). Catherine began her career at Bolt Beranek and Newman, where she grew to manage teams responsible for the testing and support of the Clintrial and Clintrace products.

rich-schaafRichard Schaaf
Vice President Technology and Operations

Rich has more than 25 years’ experience in the design, development and validation of major software and database systems. Before joining Commonwealth Informatics, Rich led the group within Oracle’s Health Science Global Business Unit that is responsible for Oracle’s Empirica suite of solutions for adverse event reporting; clinical trial data checking; and safety data mining, signal detection and signal management.  Prior to the acquisition of the Empirica suite of products by Oracle, Rich worked extensively on developing the Empirica Signal product which applies data mining techniques to large databases of spontaneous adverse event reports to identify potential drug safety signals.

bill-blackwellBill Blackwell
Vice President Safety Solutions

Bill has more than 30 years of experience in the application of software technologies to medical product risk assessment, including the development and integration of systems used for signal detection, signal evaluation and signal management, across spontaneous adverse event reports, electronic healthcare records and clinical trials data sources.  Prior to joining Commonwealth Informatics, Bill held positions at Bolt Beranek and Newman, Belmont Research, PPD Informatics, Lincoln Technologies, Phase Forward, and Oracle.  Bill has contributed to several software products that provided important innovations when they were introduced including WebVDME (now Empirica Signal), Clintrial Resolve and Classify, and Clintrace.  He has experience developing new applications, implementing packaged applications, and managing both product development and professional services.

Vasu Digumarthi
Vice President Software Quality and Compliance

Vasu has extensive experience in building quality systems and streamlining operations and processes. In addition, she brings a wealth of experience in development, services, support and consulting in life sciences and healthcare technologies. Prior to Commonwealth Informatics, Vasu held positions at PAREXEL, Phase Forward, and Oracle working in software products and solutions for clinical trials, adverse event reporting, clinical trial data checking, clinical and healthcare data analysis, and pharmacovigilance. Her unique blend of hands-on technical expertise and experience in various functional roles has broadened her holistic view of the life science industry. At Commonwealth, Vasu provides strategic direction to all software quality initiatives and provides strategic input to Commonwealth’s product development and safety solutions. Vasu is a strong advocate of building applications that make a positive impact but remain simple to the end-user.

chan-russellChan Russell
System Architect

Chan has more than 30 years of experience in the conceptualization, design, development, and deployment of innovative data analysis products for life sciences applications.  He served as Principal Investigator for NIH and DoD SBIR research project, several of which led to the creation of successful commercial software products.  In addition to his longstanding system architecture role, Mr. Russell was the principal founder of two informatics startups, Belmont Research and Lincoln Technologies, and he has managed software development and product strategy groups at the VP level in large information science companies including BBN Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Phase Forward, and Oracle Corporation.  At Commonwealth Informatics, Mr. Russell is designing the system architecture and contributing to the software development of products related to the analysis of clinical trial data and to the secondary use of electronic healthcare data.

Trevor-Gibbs2Trevor Gibbs
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Trevor Gibbs has over 35 years of International Development Experience in Pharma, ranging from First-time-in-Human to In-Market Management. He led the Clinical Research Function in The Wellcome Foundation; the Global Medical Affairs function in GlaxoWellcome and The Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance function (from 2001) and Medical Governance (from 2004) until his retirement from GSK in January 2009. During his time in Safety, Trevor was influential in driving innovation and automation of case processing and the development and integration of systems used for signal detection, signal evaluation and signal management, across spontaneous adverse event reports, electronic healthcare records and clinical trials data sources. Trevor was on the Board at the Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research and served on the NICE Appraisals Committee for the 7 years. He has held a Visiting Professorship in Pharmacovigilance at the LSHTM.  He received his medical degree from Kings College Hospital London and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. At Commonwealth, Trevor will be working collaboratively with clients and helping to integrate new products, capabilities and services into the Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench (CVW).