Commonwealth Informatics

Complex Analysis with Transparency

Life sciences and healthcare organizations depend on the analysis of complex clinical study, safety and healthcare data to inform decision making. Finding the right answers to clinical questions can be time consuming and error prone. Commonwealth Clinical Data Analytics™ (CCDA) can help. It is a new kind of web-based analytics platform designed specifically for clinical data and allows researchers to gain immediate and direct access to  clinical data sources with minimal setup. CCDA allows data analysts and researchers to transparently show data transformations and review intermediate steps supporting confidence in decision making and increased collaboration among teams. Researchers using CCDA gain new insights into complex clinical questions.


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Key Benefits

  • Speed – Direct access to the clinical data with no other interim steps required speeds analysis timelines, collaborations across teams and the quality of results.
  • Clarity – Support for collaboration across clinical and analysis teams and visibility to interim analysis steps and results provides greater confidence in conclusions.
  • Flexibility – CCDA goes beyond most packaged systems and provides users with the freedom to investigate and answer the important questions which are inherently complex.
  • Visibility – CCDA provides a unique degree of visibility and transparency for the transformation and analysis process

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