Commonwealth Informatics

Complex Analysis and Reporting with Transparency

CVW Analytics integrates the power of the Commonwealth Clinical Data Analytics (CCDA) product with the data resources maintained by CVW and provides a platform that can rapidly respond to new analysis requirements. It provides flexible capabilities for safety reviewers to access, transform, visualize and combine data across numerous data sources. This includes accessing and summarizing external information for use within CVW Investigate, integrating data and results in CVW Spontaneous and answering complex ad-hoc questions. CVW Analytics facilitates team collaboration, work reviews, and audits by supporting the exchange of analyses that can be examined and re-run interactively, with step-by-step examination of all intermediate results. CVW Analytics provides CVW users with a high degree of support for the development of customized analyses required by complicated investigations.


Analysis query flow diagram and corresponding analysis results set

Key Benefits

  • Speed – Direct access to the clinical data with no other interim steps required speeds analysis timelines, collaborations across teams and the quality of results.
  • Clarity – Support for collaboration across clinical and analysis teams and visibility to interim analysis steps and results provides greater confidence in conclusions.
  • Visibility –  CVW Analyses provide a unique degree of visibility and transparency for the transformation and analysis process

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CVW is being used by top ten pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and global regulators to explore new data sources, analyze data more effectively and implement innovative signal detection methods. To see a brief demonstration and learn more about how CVW helps you meet current and future signal detection needs, contact us.