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Detect & Refine Safety Signals Faster with CVW Longitudinal

The Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench (CVW) is an integrated technology platform for signal detection which allows medical product developers to detect, track and refine safety signals using evidence across numerous data sources. CVW Longitudinal is a module that helps medical product safety teams analyze large observational healthcare datasets. It provides out of the box analytics on multiple electronic medical record and health insurance claims databases and is cloud-based with no IT infrastructure required. CVW Longitudinal is developed and supported by the safety and signal detection experts at Commonwealth Informatics and builds on research performed by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC).

A Chrongraph data visualization available in LODEX

A Chronograph data visualization available in CVW Longitudinal
Learn more about what a Chronograph is and how it helps reviewers to monitor safety signals.

Key Benefits

  1. Reduce Time – Reach closure on safety signals earlier and with greater confidence by providing safety review teams with direct access to healthcare data resources earlier in the signal refinement process.
  2. Optimize Resources  – CVW Longitudinal is responsive enough that safety teams with all of the necessary expertise can iterate rapidly with the software and data to explore safety questions.
  3. Develop Deeper Insights – Healthcare data complements the information gained from analysis of spontaneous reports and provides insight into the real world treatment situation surrounding a reported adverse event.

Learn More 

  • For more details on how CVW Longitudinal can help you and the key features it contains, download the CVW Longitudinal Data Sheet
  • Commonwealth announces the general availability of CVW Longitudinal, read the press release
  • Learn how Pfizer is applying CVW Longitudinal and its novel visualization tools to Electronic Health Records. Download this poster about signal detection using temporal pattern discovery presented with Pfizer at the 2016 ICPE Annual Meeting in Dublin. 
  • CVW Longitudinal can help support signal detection, read how MHRA is investigating the use of CVW Longitudinal in the “Using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) to support Yellow Cards” poster presented at the UK MHRA Yellow Card Scheme’s 50th Anniversary Scientific Conference at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh on 20 March 2015″ Edinburgh. 
  • See CVW Longitudinal in action, to schedule a brief demonstration, contact us.