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Optimize Your Signal Management Processes and Performance

CVW Tracker is designed to help customers optimize all aspects of their signal management processes and support safety evaluators in their work. It has a flexible and configurable workflow that is designed around the signal management process and helps users to manage timelines and tasks based on priorities and resources. It provides a variety of displays to measure performance and demonstrate compliance while collating all signal review documentation in one secure location for easy access and review.   CVW Tracker is a centralized tracking and reporting system for all the activities, alerts and investigations conducted throughout the Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench.

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Key Benefits 

  • Streamlined Processes — One centralized area for tracking, managing and monitoring the status and timelines of all signal management activities, helps safety review teams work more efficiently, effectively and collaboratively.
  • Transparency and Compliance — Users interact with tasks, timelines and activities via the “ToDo” interface with clear assignments and timelines; all activities and documentation are collated and organized by signal for easy review and audit.
  • Performance Improvement Comprehensive reporting shows timelines, bottlenecks and assignments across the signal review process helping to identify areas for performance improvement and resource allocation.

Learn More 

CVW is being used by top ten pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and global regulators to explore new data sources, analyze data more effectively and implement innovative signal detection methods. To see a brief demonstration and learn more about how CVW helps you meet current and future signal detection needs, contact us.