Commonwealth Informatics

Quantitative Signal Detection

Commonwealth Informatics offers fully outsourced, turn-key services to support drug safety reviewers in the detection of safety signals from the FAERS and VigiBase public spontaneous event databases. Our service offering provides customers with access to the latest industry standard signal detection algorithms and techniques.

Example Signal Score Report

Quantitative Signal Detection Services includes:

  • Regularly scheduled data mining reports from target databases for selected drugs
  • Graphical representations of results in addition to an Excel download
  • Access to the Commonwealth team of global safety experts to help design the optimal analysis for your program

Key Benefits

  • Lower Costs – Access to industry-standard signal detection techniques and experts without the standing costs of internal expertise and infrastructure
  • Easy Startup – Nothing to install, ready to go
  • Transparent Process – Intermediate analysis results available for review and auditing
  • Reliable Results – With validated reports designed and delivered by safety industry leaders, you can be confident in the accuracy of the data you receive

Learn More 

  • For more details on how Commonwealth Quantitative Signal Detection Services can help you and the key features it contains, download the QSD Services Data Sheet
  • For a complete recommendation and demonstration of how QSD can be applied to your products,  Contact us