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Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench (CVW)

Through ongoing collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, Commonwealth Informatics has developed the next-generation signal management platform — Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench (CVW) to provide end-to-end support for the signal and risk management process.

CVW aggregates data from multiple adverse event databases maintained by pharmacovigilance organizations and allows manual input of data from other sources, enabling signal detection, triage, investigation, tracking, and documentation to take place in a single location.


CVW's Robust Data Integration and functionality


signal detection plans


alert generation algorithms for each data source


alert review, signal analysis, and decision making processes


interfaces for graphical data and case exploration and analysis


tracking of decisions and conclusions for internal communication and for addressing queries from Health Authorities and third parties


workflows and risk management with action items and task lists


signal management output for inclusion in periodic reports


workflow compliance and planning metrics

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Key Benefits

With its configurable planning and workflow capabilities, CVW improves:


with a single environment for end-to-end signal management activities


with a single audit trail for all signal detection and signal management activities and workflow tracking


by producing a training set for optimization and machine learning with an open framework

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